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This is the only leaf I have seen as masculine.  For some unknown reason this leaf reminded me of Claudio from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.  Specifically the moment he says to Hero, "Give me your hand before this holy friar.I am your husband, if you like of me."  He just looks like he is extending his hand and saying this. This is also the first time I recall anything from Shakespeare since reading it over 40 years ago. 

Image size is approximately 8"x 8" printed on a 12"x 12" paper.  Prints are made using the finest materials and printers available in a tightly controlled environment.  We use German based manufacturer Hahnemühle’s Photo Baryta paper.  It is 100% cotton based with a unique gloss coating, baryta-like surface and has a hefty weight of 325GSM.  This is arguably the finest printing paper in the world.  Furthermore, we create a custom profile for our printer paper combination and use archival pigment inks, all of which allows us to create the highest quality prints designed to last a lifetime.

Prints are carefully enclosed in glassine and then packaged to protect while shipping.  Included is a beautifully designed certificate of authenticity with both limited and open editions.  The certificate includes the artist signature, title and edition number, if applicable.

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