Manny rubs elbows with Dallas chefs.

Another great photo session with Dallas chefs and local farmers!  More fun than any photographer should be allowed to have in one session!! Thank you Iris Midler for trusting us with the CFF campaign!  Kudos to all the chefs and farmers that participated:  Sofia Herrera_Martinez, Andrea Shackelford, Jeff Bednar, Junior Borges, Dean Fearing, Jared Harms, Matt McCallister, and John Tesar.  Nothing gets done without my dream crew, agent Heather Williams, Claire Wilson, food stylist.  And last but not least, my Asistente Excelente, Elliot Kern.

Please visit Chefs For Farmers website and plan to attend this unique Dallas event that celebrates and promotes local and regional farmers, and the chefs that bring us some of the best food in the USA, right here in Dallas, Texas!

Cuban does Texas!

I moved to Texas in 1994. I Came here chasing the dollar, and stayed for the people!  I have made many great friends here in Texas.  Raised my children in Texas, two of them born and bred!  Established my photo studio here in Dallas. Learned how to use the word “y’all”.  Discovered Texas cuisine and Tex Mex!   Not all my Ex’s live in Texas, but one does, and we get along just fine!  I even had a Texan give me a Texas name, “Manny Bob”!  Yes, Texas is home!

Earlier this year the wise and talented folks at RBMM commissioned me to shoot for Central Market again.  So next time you are at a Central Market store and see them pretty pictures hanging up there off the ceiling y’all can say you know who shot ‘em, Manny Bob!

None of this would happen without my amazing Texas crew:  Fearless food photo agent, Heather Williams!  Prop stylist, Kristen Dale Butler.  Food stylist, Claire Wilson.  Assistant food stylist, Amber North.  Number cruncher and mixologist, Vanessa Semifero.  And last but not least, my asistente excelente, Elliot Kern!

New Work for Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana’s “made fresh by hand” meets Manny’s fresh approach to food fotografia! Proud to be sharing these new images of my latest foto shoots with Taco Cabana.  They definitely get the message across. Thanks to the fearless marketing team at Taco Cabana, and the talented and fun creatives at Beacon121 Advertising, for allowing me to push it a bit!   Food styling by Megan Shea, and Claire Wilson Prop styling by Brandi Cooling.  Assistant Excelente, Elote Korn.  And thank you Heather Williams for bringing us together!

At The Fairmont.

Under the direction of our fearless leader Luke Mathot, a great photographer in his own right, we had the opportunity to shoot for Accor Hotels, right here in downtown Dallas at The Fairmont Hotel.  A very talented chef and very friendly staff provided us with amazing food and drinks, and below are the results.  Food styling by Amber North. Prop styling, Brandi Cooling. Asistentes Fotográfico, Elliot Kern, Geoffrey Kern

Graffiti Doors, NYC

If you have visited New York City’s SoHo district you have probably seen some of these. They are entrance doors to businesses in the area, yet not the store front entrance itself.  I always found it interesting that these graffiti artists would always paint over these entrances yet leave the store fronts clean, without graffiti, most of the time anyway.  These doors are always changing.  Over the years you can see some of the older graffiti elements underneath newer or more recent ones. So many layers, so many messages being expressed!  I see angst in them, making me wonder who were the artists. These were photographed during 2008 - 2010. 


Chefs for Farmers brings chefs, artisans, and culinary influencers together to celebrate support for local and regional farmers at a three-day culinary blowout.  

This year I had the privilege of focusing my lens on these fun people for CFF’s promotional material.  Thank you for this opportunity, Iris Midler, Co-Founder & Director of Festival.  Chefs: Angela Hernandez from Top Knot,  Katherine Clapner from Dude Sweet Chocolate,  Meaders Ozarow from Empire Baking Company.  Brian Huynh sommelier at The French Room.  Michael Ehlert chef at The French Room.  Junior Borges from The Joule.  Eric Dreyer chef at Fearings, and Matt McCallister from FT33!  Thanks to all of you for the fun and for making it to the studio on time! 

Below are some of the pictures you will see on social media and through out the city from now till November for the 2017 CFF Festival.  Food styling by Paige Fletcher.  Make-Up and hair by Traci Moore.  Moral support, Iris Midler and my amazing agent, Heather Williams.

Kelly Miracle….

….a senior at the University of North Texas, studying communication design with a focus on art direction.  Kelly reached out to us earlier this year to help her with her school projects.  First for the Cookie Dough project and most recently the Grilled Cheese campaign, from concept, to art direction, to styling, Kelly does it all!  She graduates this May and is ready to take on the world of advertising!  This girl makes it happen!  Visit her website here.

Sean Springer’s Catharsis.

A collaboration with one of my favorite people, artist, designer, Sean Springer.  Over the course of a couple of months, I documented the process while he worked on this seven foot wood sculpture.

In Sean’s own words: “Catharsis, the sculpture, is a product of my journey through twilight hours, seeking truth in the wilderness and daring to release my feelings about losing and seeking love. The true essence of this piece is immortalized in photographs by Manny Rodriguez, which capture moments of sentiment as they occurred in the process.”