Texas State Fair Food!

If you are from Texas you know that the State Fair is a big deal.  If you live here, it is one of those things you must experience, at least once. However, rest assured you will be suspending what ever eating regimen you might be entertaining that week.  Well, maybe you can keep your keto diet with a turkey leg or two. But, you will be tempted, or maybe not. Every imaginable food, fried!  Fried butter, fried Coke, fried Jello, and fried Twinkies, will beckon your attention.  Oh and food on a stick! Like fried Doritos bacon mozzarella sticks, and the most famous, Corny Dogs on a stick!  My arteries are tightening as I write this.  

Below is an editorial we shot a few years ago for D Magazine, in collaboration with art director Todd Johnson and food stylist Brooke Leonard, giving it a fun surgical look.

Brooke was one of the great Dallas food stylists who’s passion for food and life inspired many in our industry. 

In her memory.

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