Gordon Ramsay At MRP

As I take pictures for the Gordon Ramsay marketing team here at my studio, I have this fantasy of Mr Gordon Ramsay himself busting through my studio door, look at the images on the big studio screen and start yelling at me: “You call yourself a photographer? My gran can take a better picture of that, and she’s dead!”“Not even Photoshop can save that photo!” “You should just give up photography and go back to cutting sugar cane in Cuba!” “You keep this shit up I’m going to have to take away your work visa!” Will it ever happen? I doubt it. Meanwhile I will enjoy the company of his amazing and talented marketing team and do my best to create images that they find yummy.
To my team, Taylor Gervais, Wendy Hughes, Mike Thompson, and El Gallego
Thank You for making me look good!
Below are some of our favs and the ones we can publish for now.

Soon to come, Hell’s Kitchen! 

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