The Year Of The Mask

The Year Of The Mask.

A lot of us played with masks when we were little. Our TV and comic book heroes wore masks. The Lone Ranger, Batman and Batgirl, Zorro, and countless others. Not the same masks we are wearing these days though. The masks we are being asked to wear this season are the ones bank robbers used. Now you walk into a bank and we all look like bank robbers! 

In my case I wear a mask while I take pictures. It is a necessity and a duty. Enough of that for an intro.

During this Year Of The Mask we have continued to take pictures. Thank God,and science,  through of the magic of electronics and digital everything, we can continue to capture and deliver images to you without you having to be there at the studio right next to us. Thanks to platforms like Zoom, and Google Hangouts, Webex, Adobe Connect, and many others, we can show you what we are doing with your product, or food, share the images immediately with you, and poof! Boom! Approved! 

Unfortunately you have also witnessed your photographer, perhaps picking their noses or scratching themselves, or saying something they shouldn’t, (not I) but it has happened…. nevertheless the technology has worked its magic and allowed us to continue to work throughout the pandemic. And for this I am very grateful!

By the way, this was all possible before the pandemic, and we had already been using it to get approval of images while clients stayed in their offices working on other projects. Screen share, video conferencing, Skype, text messaging, (still my favorite), and emailing the image! 

Here are some of the images that were done this Year Of The Mask at our studio while you were away, and while some of you were here, but over at the client desks, about 30 feet from our camera, where you can see what is happening on set on the studio 85 inch screen tv!

To be continued…..    :-(

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