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There use to be a time in my career as a photographer when viewing my images printed in a magazine, news paper, or brochure was, to put it mildly, very disappointing.  Oftentimes I would opt for not even looking at the final printed piece. Thankfully, printing has come a long way.  So much so these days, that I am impressed with the quality of printing more often than not, even when using cheap paper.  Rarely does an image look like what you saw on screen, or on film, but not as disconcerting as it use to be.  Some of you might disagree.  Or maybe I am simply very fortunate that I get to work with some great clients, ad agencies and art directors, that know what they are doing!  Case in point, this last job I shot for Chili’s, with the talented folks at Johnson and Sekin,  AND the creative team at Chili’s! The latest menus were printed by a printer in Carrolton, Texas, called ColorMark.  The result was nothing less than amazing!  Anyone that has worked with me in the past, and I am now referring to post production and pre-press people, know that my images are not easy to print.  I crunch those curves to the max! That’s my style. I make those highlights and those shadows almost impossible to print.  Yes, I have heard the complaint for years. That is how I like to shoot.  I want my images to remind me of the pages from Life Magazine.  If you are old enough, you know what I mean. If you don’t, visit your nearest library and check out the gorgeous editorials!  Deep blacks and blown out whites!  Love it! (The why, is a subject for another day, another post)  Anyway, what I really want to share with you is the Chili’s menus below, printed by ColorMark, who somehow, kept all my extreme contrast and lighting the way I like it! The iPhone pictures below were not high quality, obviously, so if you really want to see the real thing, head over to your nearest Chili’s restaurant and check out the new menus!

Thanks to the fearless team at Chili’s corporate and Johnson + Sekin for trusting in me with their photographic needs. Of course, none of this would look half as good without the food styling talent at

Contact Agent H, if you want to stop by the studio and view some prints over a cup or two of coffee! 

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