I remember in the late 90s receiving direct mail from Capital One, aggressively pushing their credit card.  I always thought, how do you compete with the big ones? I can’t even imagine going up against the Master Cards, the Visa, and Amex! But here we are 25+ years later and Capital One is a giant among them, and here to stay. Truly impressive. I don’t know anything about their founders but my kudos to them. Look at them now! 

Last year I had the privilege to shoot their brand new lounge at the DFW Airport. A stunningly beautiful, modern and comfortable oasis for travelers seeking a respite in between flights. Check out some of my images below and check out the Capital One website

Thanks to the amazing production team of @JNProductionglobal who had three different  camera crews at the airport location, and everything thing went smooth and without a hitch! And to my Agent Heather at The Food Photo Agency for securing the client and producing our part of the job! AND to my fearless photo assistants Melissa Hennings and Augustin Teisseire.

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