Svedka Vodka

Two long days.  Over 4500 captures. “Must feature the product!”  “Product is the hero!”  Very challenging low light conditions.  And almost no time to shoot the stills!  This was probably one of the most challenging photo shoots I’ve had in years.  I was the still life photographer on set and they had budgeted zero time for me to do the shots.  The video production crew was already maxed out on schedule and had little time to even cover all of their shots.  Very large crews and a very large talent pool. Two days of fast shooting, get in there in between video setup and shoot away! Get what you can! I had to shoot with what ever lighting was “left behind”, zero time to adjust anything.  My amazing assistant, Brandon Borges, running back and forth from camera to computer, downloading images from memory cards as I was yelling for more…! It was crazy FUN!  The cowboy  images shot at the country saloon, and the photos at the Indian wedding were very low light situations and my ISO setting on camera was between 16,000 and 25,000!  So that you may have an idea, normal or average settings for the daylight shoot at the pool was approx 200 ISO.  With the cooperation of the video crew, models, and talent, that witnessed our sweat, and the help of my Nikon D5 and Lightroom, I was able to pull it off, with what I feel were amazing results.  Hope you agree.

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