Details For The MAESTRO Photography Class

Why do we call him "El Maestro"?

With 30+ years of experience shooting a myriad of subjects, having captured over 30,000 images, in hundreds of lighting situations, Manny has earned the title, and we believe he has a thing or two he can share to help you on your journey to create better images.

Who should attend?

This class is for students of photography, photographers, business owners, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, content creators, anyone wanting to improve their photography skills or simply learn how he does it. 

What to expect and how much does it cost?

Whether you shoot with a professional camera or a smart phone, this class can help you. Anyone needing to create aesthetically pleasing images, for content in social media, marketing, advertising, or just for you own personal pleasure, can and will take something of value.

While Manny will be teaching how he does it, Manny wants to cater to your needs, so he is asking you to bring the table top item that you need help with, food or product.  Just keep it simple and smaller than a loaf of bread. Something that will fit on a small table surface. Manny wants you to learn how to compose and light YOUR product. This is also why he is keeping the class small, focusing on each individuals need. 

The total cost for the 4 hours is $350. USD 

During that time Manny will cover his five creative principles to keep in mind while shooting. He will address composition, lighting, equipment needed, or not needed, and some quick Lightroom editing. 

And as always, Manny's Cortados, and snacks, will be served!

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