Best Banana Photographer In The World Gone Bananas!

They don’t call me “The Top Banana From Habana” for nothing!  Yes, I love bananas! They are delicious, sweet, starchy, potassium-rich, and healthy.  

When you’re born in Habana, Cuba, raised in Miami’s Little Havana, you get to eat lots of bananas. From platanos fritos, tostones, frozen banana shakes (made with sweetened condensed milk) to just plain bananas in almost every meal. 

And I mean every meal: black beans and rice, ropa vieja… and my favorite, in bean soups. Oh! — also sliced into chicken soup, love it!  I used to make “banana dogs” when I was a child. I will photograph these soon, so you can see what I mean. 

In the meantime, even if you haven’t “gone bananas” like I have, you can at least enjoy my banana portfolio!  ;-)

Food stylists in this portfolio are Erin Quon, and Paige Fletcher.

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