Cuban does Texas!

I moved to Texas in 1994. I Came here chasing the dollar, and stayed for the people!  I have made many great friends here in Texas.  Raised my children in Texas, two of them born and bred!  Established my photo studio here in Dallas. Learned how to use the word “y’all”.  Discovered Texas cuisine and Tex Mex!   Not all my Ex’s live in Texas, but one does, and we get along just fine!  I even had a Texan give me a Texas name, “Manny Bob”!  Yes, Texas is home!

Earlier this year the wise and talented folks at RBMM commissioned me to shoot for Central Market again.  So next time you are at a Central Market store and see them pretty pictures hanging up there off the ceiling y’all can say you know who shot ‘em, Manny Bob!

None of this would happen without my amazing Texas crew:  Fearless food photo agent, Heather Williams!  Prop stylist, Kristen Dale Butler.  Food stylist, Claire Wilson.  Assistant food stylist, Amber North.  Number cruncher and mixologist, Vanessa Semifero.  And last but not least, my asistente excelente, Elliot Kern!

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