Dallas Chef throws tomatoes at photographer!

Over three decades of taking pictures!  Hundreds of portraits, dozens of chefs, also a few dozen wild children going crazy all over the studio, and never have I been treated like this!  Never has anyone, other than a wife or two, thrown anything at me!  I mean, I consider my self a pretty good photographer, and yes, I have occasionally taken a poor picture here and there, maybe some out of focus even, but never has any person, client, art director, ever, treated me like this!  Till now.  I guess there is always a first for everything!  But darn, this was humiliating!  This clown, Junior Borges, thinks he’s funny! Don’t let that smile you see in the pictures fool you either.  He was criticizing my lighting all afternoon!  Telling me what angles to take!  The gall this guy has!  I was trying to be polite and not say anything, but it finally got my blood boiling, I think I yelled a few things in Spanish, I might have called him -pinch pendejo, or cabrón- I really don’t recall exactly, and that is when he started throwing tomatoes at me!  Look at him!!  You know he’s done this to others before by the way he can throw things with such aim and smile the entire time!  (By the way, he never hit me! I managed to dodge every single tomato, as you can see in the pictures)

I still managed to get some good pictures of this junior chef guy, because I am a professional, and I had a job to finish!  Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as he enjoyed throwing tomatoes at me.  I’ll get back at you Borges!  Wait till you open that little restaurant of yours!  😈  

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